How to Improve IT

ImprovIT’s approach to IT improvement is based upon a strong understanding of the key drivers of cost and performance in the delivery of IT services and comparing these to best practice in the most relevant comparable group. This involves two components: Identification of the interdependent drivers affecting IT efficiency and performance Detailed IT metrics data ImprovIT activities are designed to help improve IT service and […]

4 Pillars of Digital NHS

In many ways, the National Health Service (NHS) is a victim of its own success. Founded almost seventy years ago, many of the diseases that would have killed us then have been cured, and as a result our population has a higher proportion of older people than ever before. The healthcare needs of this growing […]

Does your IT deliver Value for Money?

Does your IT deliver Value for Money?  What does this mean? How can you prove it?  Should you be taking a different approach?  Where should improvements be made? These are all very difficult questions to answer, so where do you begin? Value for Money can mean and be viewed as different things by different people, […]

Why Benchmark IT?

Why is an IT Benchmark a key Management tool? An IT Benchmark is a crucial management tool. It ranks first in EMEA and a second globally in a list of management disciplines. It is no surprise that more business and technology leaders seek to dispassionately baseline the present IT state and contrast it against peers. […]

Confirming Value for Money for Police ICT Services

Devon and Cornwall Police (DCP), which covers the largest geographical police area in England, has just completed a Market Test to determine if their IT Services, delivered by BT, provide ‘Value for Money’ (VFM) to DCP in terms of charges and service quality. This review was conducted by CIPFA, working with specialist measurement company ImprovIT. […]

Value for Money

Does this represent “Value for Money?” is the the perennial question asked when making any large purchase. This is often a difficult question to answer and the response will be viewed differently by individuals. The concept of “Value for Money” (VFM) is an important one to IT service provision, with more organisations questioning whether their […]

Agile Software Development: Measuring the Business Benefits

Published in Computerworld UK There is something the business can learn from IT Agile is arguably the leading IT project development methodology in use today. The next challenge is to increase its adoption business-wide. This article looks at the benefits and challenges of this broader remit. Agile methodology applied to software development is an amalgam […]

B2B social networking: Assessing the risks & rewards

Published in ComputerWorld UK Get your strategy right and measure what works Many consumer to consumer and business to consumer organisations are experiencing exponential success in reaching new markets using social networking media. But is it working for the B2B environment? What are the benefits and what are the risks of social networking? What is […]

IT Governance: Making or breaking the business

Published in Computerworld UK Get used to the new order …. Every IT service and every item of expenditure is under the microscope and even a small efficiency saving can determine the future of an organisation and its CIO. WIth detailed scrutiny of all aspects of IT operations and spendnig a fact of life, good […]

Government IT contracts ‘need to be clearer’ to improve procurement

Published in Computerworld UK Advice follows defence secretary Liam Fox’s plans to publish lists of over-budget projects. Clearly-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) need to be in place from the start of contracts before the government can publicly name underperforming IT suppliers, according to industry experts. Defence secretary Liam Fox recently told the Financial Times of […]