UK Universities – Addressing the digital challenges

Addressing the digital challenges

How can Universities deal with digital challenges in the new norm?

University education is regarded as a powerful career driver…

but Universities are facing many challenges…
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Reducing Complexity

Is complexity increasing your IT costs?

How do you manage technology complexity during this challenging time?

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Cost Management

Are cost controls driving your IT strategy?

In the current climate, how do you effectively manage your IT strategy and cost?

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Le contrôle des coûts

Le contrôle des coûts est-il le moteur de votre stratégie informatique ?

Dans le contexte actuel, comment gérer efficacement votre stratégie et vos coûts informatiques ?

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How to Improve IT

ImprovIT’s approach to IT improvement is based upon a strong understanding of the key drivers of cost and performance in the delivery of IT services and comparing these to best practice

Does your IT deliver Value for Money?

Does your IT deliver Value for Money? Does your IT deliver Value for Money?  What does this mean? How can you prove it?  Should you be taking a different approach?  Where should improvements be made? These are all very difficult… Read More »

Why Benchmark IT?

Why Benchmark IT? Why is an IT Benchmark a key Management tool? An IT Benchmark is a crucial management tool. It ranks first in EMEA and a second globally in a list of management disciplines. It is no surprise that… Read More »

Confirming Value for Money for Police ICT Services

Confirming Value for Money for Police ICT Services Devon and Cornwall Police (DCP), which covers the largest geographical police area in England, has just completed a series of 3 annual Market Tests to determine if their IT Services, delivered by… Read More »