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IT Benchmarking

Understanding how your IT is performing today, and being able to compare your performance against others, is a fundamental piece of knowledge required if you want to run your IT effectively. ImprovIT has a range of benchmarking services designed to help you develop a detailed understanding of both your current performance and future potential. If your IT is in-house delivered, are your spend and staffing levels in-line with what you deliver? If your IT is outsourced, are you paying a fair market price for the services you receive? If your IT is a mix of in-house and outsourced is the mix correct? ImprovIT can help you calibrate precisely your current IT environment and identify latent potential.

IT Optimisation

In today’s increasingly digital world, IT is woven into the fabric of business like never before. The need to deliver reliable, innovative solutions is a critical need for almost all IT organisations. Few IT organisations have the luxury of starting with a clean slate; most are challenged to deliver ever more value in the face of corporate expectations growing faster than IT budgets. ImprovIT has a portfolio of models, performance data and strategic frameworks to help you cut through the noise and hype to deliver real value. We help you define your future, understand the precise opportunities to optimise, quantify future benefits and ensure you deliver the value your business needs. A CIO's single greatest opportunity is to optimise the organisation’s IT.

IT Programme Assurance

IT programmes can be notoriously difficult to manage successfully. Whether it's a migration of services from one service provider to another, or a major technology upgrade, most of our clients embark on major IT programmes infrequently. We see such programmes many times per year. In our role of Trusted Advisor we are able to bring external assurance and oversight services to ensure that you maximise the chances of programme success. Our insight, backed by current market intelligence and robust governance frameworks, will provide you with a wealth of experience that's on your side and working for your success. Programme Assurance is essentially a systematic approach designed to quantify the likelihood of success for a given programme.

The world inside UK higher education, research institutions and academies is changing faster than one might imagine. New fee structures, cost models, changing demographics of students, sharing and consolidation are driving new funding models and the need for cost and quality control. The consistent examination of IT services, their cost efficiency and value for money delivered by central IT to all users, staff, researchers and students is under the microscope. The pressure to differentiate value and to protect intellectual assets has never been greater, with IT playing a more significant role than ever before… Read more

Financial services suffered in the wake of the last crisis but are now squarely into another tough period of multi-level regulation, cost reductions, drive for increased efficiencies and threats from new world fintechs. Additionally, the pressure on improving customer engagement and driving new revenues in the digital world is forcing new technology investments and agility as never before. IT needs to do more with less, while becoming a crucial enabler in core business processes… Read more

IT is a crucial part of modern healthcare provision, not only supporting administration systems but as a prevalent, if not essential key enabler to all clinical departments – many requiring very robust and high availability IT services. IT can aid the organisation by simplifying and speeding up tasks or allowing additional more complex activities to be readily undertaken… Read more

In the Life Sciences industry there exists a challenge between innovation and cost effectiveness. This is driven by global competition, regulation, cost and price pressures, transparency and collaboration. Companies in this sector, large and small are seeking to transform, to meet these demands by finding improvements in all functions and processes, core and non-core… Read more

Manufacturing has seen many changes over recent years – profitability, margins, sizing, locations to name but a few.  Some countries and continents have increased their presence while others have had their manufacturing sector decrease dramatically.  No matter the pressures – either way – manufacturing industries typically require tight controls over volume operations to support the low margins experienced in that sector… Read more

The public sector is a broad and diverse entity encompassing central and local government, agencies and the NHS. The total budget for delivering services for all parts of the public sector is huge but is continually under scrutiny as increased efficiency, often achieved by cuts, is sought throughout the public sector… Read more

Retail is a highly diverse sector including traditional Bricks and Mortar selling as well as online trading. It is a rapidly changing environment with especially high levels of competition and increasing levels of local and international government regulation. In addition, more than ever before, consumers expectations are high in terms of service, integrated products, social behaviour and ethics… Read more

Telecoms services have rapidly become one of the life-bloods of modern commerce and are frequently seen as an essential, rapidly changing and complex part of our lives. Telecoms organisations are uniquely placed as both a major consumer and supplier of IT services.  As such, the correct service delivery options have a critical and far reaching impact… Read more

The Utility sector has seen significant change in recent years. The gas and electricity sectors have seen increased competition with growing changes to ownership. The gas and electricity market is split between suppliers and distributors of energy and those that deliver to consumers. The water companies have also seen some amalgamation and ownership changes… Read more

Independent Business & Technology Consultancy

ImprovIT was founded in 2005 as a specialist in the use of IT Measurement, IT Modelling and IT Benchmarking. Headquartered in the UK, with domain knowledge of various sectors and geographies, ImprovIT is an independent specialist consultancy providing impartial comparative analytics for organisations. Our detailed databases and knowledge repositories allow us to provide fact-based guidance to our clients across a range of industries, enabling them to improve their competitiveness and increase the value they deliver.

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“Everything went smoothly and we will be putting all of their recommendations into effect”

Senior Contract Executive

It was a very positive experience. The report gave us so much confidence and it was extremely high quality

Service Provider

“It was fantastic working with ImprovIT; they were very helpful and understood what we were saying first time, which was brilliant, it felt like we were working together as a team.”

Higher Education

ImprovIT offer a very niche, detailed and flexible service that we could not find elsewhere.  The ImprovIT team are very knowledgeable and professional and did a fantastic job.”

Head of Application Development

“Overall I am very pleased with the project and will be using the recommendations to “Improve our IT””

IS Director

“We looked at a number of consultancies and chose to use ImprovIT because of our confidence in their methodology.  We were happy with the review and will use them again in the future.”

Business Relationship Manager

“ImprovIT doesn’t just offer traditional benchmarks; they are a lot more innovative and provide the best all-round value”

IT & Procurement Director

"Overall it was a very good engagement and ImprovITs’ expertise was felt throughout."

Emergency Services
Head of ICT

“We were very happy with the output received and the efforts taken to confirm the data was accurate. We felt the results were both timely and useful. We selected ImprovIT on the basis of the cost and quality of their proposal and the quality of their references, and would consider them for future projects.”

Public Sector

“I genuinely thought it was a really professionally run exercise from start to finish. We got a wealth of information that we’re still running through now.”

Life Sciences
IT Director

“I only have positive feedback; ImprovIT couldn’t have improved in any way and were very professional”

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