Take Control, Drive Growth: The Venture Capitalist’s Guide to Optimised IT

Take Control, Drive Growth: The Venture Capitalist’s Guide to Optimised IT

Remember the pandemic’s “adapt or die” moment? While the immediate crisis has now passed, the market’s turbulence continues. Consumer confidence, social unrest, and economic upheaval have replaced health concerns as the new headwinds. Yet, the winners are those who embraced transformation then, now leaving others scrambling to catch up having buried their heads in the sand. AI and machine learning are now steering a new wave of business model shifts, and even amidst the economic uncertainty, there’s a wealth of opportunity (and improved operating margins) for those ready to embrace change. 

Walking the tightrope: Transforming while keeping the lights on. 

Tech leaders are juggling two critical demands: driving transformative change and ensuring they provide rock-solid foundational technology services. Cost optimisation remains a top five priority for CIOs, with IT playing a key role in overall business efficiency. But for Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) investors, a bigger picture emerges: optimising technology across entire portfolios. This presents both individual company-level opportunities and broader portfolio-wide strategies for maximising value. 

There are three questions which need to be asked:  

i) where do my operating costs and transformation investments sit in comparison with peers and best practices?  

ii) where could I reduce my costs and eliminate wastage and technical debt?  

iii) where might reducing spend result in negative impact on customer and employee services provided?  

Walking the line between in-house control and external innovation is a constant struggle. Generic benchmarks and market reports often leave you hanging, unsure of the specific changes needed for your portfolio. That’s where ImprovIT comes in. We go beyond high-level data to deliver actionable insights, helping you tackle hidden costs, optimise spending, and unlock the full potential of your tech stack. We don’t direct you to just fix leaks, we point wasted enterprise spend to become fuel for sustainable business growth and innovation across your entire portfolio. 

Taming the Tech Budget Beast: 3 Key Challenges You Face 

As a VC or PE leader, you know tech budgets are complex beasts. Let’s tackle the top 3 challenges you’re likely facing: 

1. The Cost-Cutting Tightrope Walk: 

Insisting on slashing costs without a proper plan? It’s a recipe for disaster. You could see technology service levels plummet and those “savings” vanish quickly. Sustainable cost optimisation requires a holistic approach, not just blind cuts. ImprovIT helps you identify hidden inefficiencies and unlock real, lasting cost reductions. 

2. The Frankenstein IT Estate: 

Mergers and acquisitions often leave companies with a patchwork of duplicated applications and siloed systems. This complexity drains resources and hinders agility. We help you simplify and consolidate, leveraging common platforms and negotiating the best deals with vendors and suppliers based on economies of scale. 

3. Untaming the AI & Automation Jungle: 

AI and automation can be powerful tools for transformation, but best navigating their deployment can be tricky, and costly if done badly. You need a clear strategy, data-driven insights, and buy-in from key stakeholders. ImprovIT acts as your guide, helping you harness these technologies for tangible results like boosted revenue and improved customer experience. 

Technology is just one piece of the puzzle. Success hinges on collaboration between business and tech teams. ImprovIT bridges that gap, ensuring your technology investments drive real value across your portfolio. 

At ImprovIT, we know that IT leaders in venture capital and private equity firms face unique challenges. You need to balance the need for cost optimisation with the need to drive innovation and transformation across your portfolio companies. That’s why we offer a collaborative approach to design and deliver cost optimisation and resource management solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. 

Our approach helps you: 

  • Reduce technical debt and eliminate duplication of functionality: We’ll help you identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your portfolio companies’ IT systems, freeing up working capital for innovation and transformation
  • Streamline operational spending: We’ll help you optimise your portfolio companies’ IT spending, so you can get the most value out of your technology investments
  • Focus on the return on investment: We’ll help you track and measure the results of your IT investments, so you can see how they are contributing to the bottom line

Here are some of the benefits you can expect: 

  • 15%-22% reductions in technology operating costs  
  • 25%-40% increase in business benefits depending on the case 
  • Improved customer experience 
  • Increased competitive advantage 
  • Enhanced reputation 

We also offer: 

  • Customised recommendations: We’ll tailor our recommendations to suit your industry, size, spend, and investment profiles
  • Collaboration and flexibility: We’ll work with you to develop a solution that meets your specific needs and goals
  • IT Dashboard for Cost Optimisation: We’ll provide you with a clear and concise view of your portfolio companies’ IT costs and performance

ImprovIT is a trusted partner to ambitious technology leaders and strategic investors. We have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve their IT optimisation goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you unlock hidden value and drive sustainable growth across your portfolio. 

Additional benefits: 

  • The initial costs of setting this up will usually be returned within the first six months (or less for larger organisations)
  • We offer a report from independent experts with typically more than 20 years’ experience in the market
  • We can give you a blueprint of the changes you need to make to optimise your IT operations

Contact ImprovIT today to get started.

ImprovIT are an independent business and technology consultancy. We were founded by former colleagues of Gartner, IBM and HP to help senior IT leaders make the critical decisions that will maximise their technology investments. We’re completely independent and impartial specialists in the use of IT Measurement, Modelling and Benchmarking.
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