Life Sciences

In the Life Sciences industry there exists a challenge between innovation and cost effectiveness. This is driven by global competition, regulation, cost and price pressures, transparency and collaboration. Companies in this sector, large and small are seeking to transform, to meet these demands by finding improvements in all functions and processes, core and non-core. Improved use … Read more

Education & Research

The world inside UK higher education, research institutions and academies is changing faster than one might imagine. New fee structures, cost models, changing demographics of students, sharing and consolidation are driving new funding models and the need for cost and quality control. The consistent examination of IT services, their cost efficiency and value for money … Read more


IT is a crucial part of modern healthcare provision, not only supporting administration systems but as a prevalent, if not essential key enabler to all clinical departments – many requiring very robust and high availability IT services. IT can aid the organisation by simplifying and speeding up tasks or allowing additional more complex activities to … Read more


Manufacturing has seen many changes over recent years – profitability, margins, sizing, locations to name but a few.  Some countries and continents have increased their presence while others have had their manufacturing sector decrease dramatically.  No matter the pressures – either way – manufacturing industries typically require tight controls over volume operations to support the … Read more


The Utility sector has seen significant change in recent years. The gas and electricity sectors have seen increased competition with growing changes to ownership. The gas and electricity market is split between suppliers and distributors of energy and those that deliver to consumers. The water companies have also seen some amalgamation and ownership changes. The … Read more