Demonstrating Value for Money of Transformation Programme

“ImprovIT were key to the success of the programme. With their market data and insight coupled with their assurance support, their input was invaluable.”

Financial Services, CIO

Working with an international financial services organisation, ImprovIT supported a large business transformation programme which was driven substantially by technology-enabled change. The client operates in a number of countries within Europe and wanted to move from a decentralised, federated organisation to a more centrally aligned one. The business was keen to adapt to a changing market through the adoption of new digitally enabled technologies to create a better customer experience.

ImprovIT was initially engaged to create a “baseline” by quantifying the current cost and quality of IT services. The services assessed were a mix of insourced and outsourced services delivered by a variety of onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery centres. ImprovIT’s “Value for Money” review delivered a baseline that assessed the current performance of IT, covered both applications and infrastructure, and identified opportunities for cost savings. Potential service quality improvements were also highlighted.  

The Next Steps

Once the baseline was established, ImprovIT worked with the client to understand the key elements of both the strategic business direction and the IT strategy supporting the new business initiatives. Through a series of workshops, ImprovIT helped the client build a transformation roadmap that delivered a clear plan containing key milestones and deliverables for the following two years. Included within the roadmap was a sourcing strategy that determined which services would be delivered internally and which externally.

Once the future roadmap was approved, a detailed target operating model was also developed. This model enabled the client to focus on the resources and skill sets required in the future and begin planning to ensure the correct skills and capabilities were acquired in a timely manner. Finally, existing service contracts were aligned with the programme plan to ensure future changes were made at an appropriate point within the various contract life-cycles to minimise disruption, transition costs and exit fees.

The Transformation

The transformation plan was a complex set of activities and inter-related tasks that stretched over a lengthy period of time and involved multiple parties. The client appointed their own project team and managed the transformation plan themselves. ImprovIT was retained to provide an independent programme assurance function through which we acted as the client’s “critical friend” by delivering an external opinion on the programme organisation, structure, progress and risks to the CIO on a monthly basis. 

In addition, ImprovIT conducted a regular six-monthly review that provided a more detailed assessment of all aspects of the programme, where risks were clearly identified, with mitigation and remediation actions also suggested.

ImprovIT’s programme assurance role allowed our client to feel confident that all planned activities were on course to deliver the desired outcomes on time and on budget.

The transformation resulted in significant changes to the delivery of services including changes to business processes, the IT infrastructure landscape (with further exploitation of cloud services) and a simplification of the applications portfolio.

“ImprovIT were key to the success of the programme” stated the CIO. “With their market data and insight coupled with their assurance support, their input was invaluable.”

Measuring the ROI

Once the transformation was nearing completion, ImprovIT performed a second iteration of the “Value for Money” review. This assessment focused on the new portfolio being delivered to the business and also compared the findings to the original baseline performed almost two years prior. ImprovIT’s report included a ROI analysis against the original baseline and also quantified the benefits and service improvements delivered through the transformation programme.

Evidencing Value and Compliance

A key driver of the transformation programme was the need to ensure the organisation was legally compliant with all applicable regulations within the territories in which it operated. The results from the ImprovIT studies enabled the CIO and his team to clearly demonstrate that the new operating model was delivering value for money and that the new technology operation met all applicable compliance requirements.

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