Sourcing Strategy and IT Contract Review

How, where and who delivers IT services is one of the most important decisions an executive can make. Providing a clear sourcing strategy and a IT contract review will assist in making the right choices.

IT Contract Review

IT organisations rarely have the luxury of starting off with a greenfield environment and any decisions regarding future direction needs to take the current state into account. Current IT contract review provides a solid baseline on which to build the desired state.

IT Sourcing Strategy

IT frequently demands a sizable proportion of any business budget and has the potential to reach every aspect of the organisation. It is critical that an IT sourcing strategy is developed that supports the current and future business needs. It is essential that this strategy is cost effective in meeting the business needs and must also have all key stakeholders involvement and buy-in to the process and its outcomes.

It is essential that these investment decisions are carefully aligned with the existing and planned IT Strategies, to ensure successful implementation and delivery of business benefit. Executives responsible for designing the new and improved services offerings understand the need to deliver optimum service, first time, every time.

ImprovIT helps enterprises with vendor selection, sourcing models, service delivery models, vendor price and service improvements, and different aspects of:

• Service Design and Modelling

• Sourcing and Technology Advisory

• Commercial and Contracting

• Vendor Selection and Management