Service Management Advisory

Most IT operations involve a mix of services providers and in-house teams, serving the business with the intention of seamless collaboration. This eco-system gets more complex with differing service delivery models, such as, cloud delivery, shared services, off-shored services, and so on. It is not uncommon that in a high service, efficiency pressured environment of digital technology and business demands and transformation, the art and science of Service Management takes a back seat.

ImprovIT not only  benchmark IT costs and performance, but also provide assessments of IT strengths and weaknesses, identifying gaps in Service Management. Whether these gaps are basic to complex ImprovIT provide an advisory and mentoring capability to its clients based on the specific state of the challenges.

The state of the challenges varies, depending upon the maturity of the service management in practice. From lack of a common understanding of services between IT and business, to unaligned service levels agreed with services providers. Definition and agreement of a business services catalogue, underpinning technical services catalogue, in turn backed by agreed SLAs, which are enshrined adequately into service contracts – these are some of the issues enterprises need help with. ImprovIT provide specialist capability in providing a helping hand with the what, why and how of addressing these service management challenges.

Furthermore, ImprovIT assist in defining of the most suitable operating and governance models, ones that are supportive of collaborative working; as well as planning transition to the desired state in terms of roles, skills, automation tools and deployment. All these areas benefit from independent market expertise and experience, with the ultimate view of moving from “silo” management of IT contracts to “integrated service” delivery responsibility.