Headquartered in the UK, ImprovIT is an international business technology consultancy that specialises in the use of IT Measurement, IT Modelling and IT Benchmarking disciplines. ImprovIT provide their clients detailed problem-specific analysis of business technology challenges, delivering metrics driven advice and support to executives to make improved value decisions for their enterprise.


ImprovIT's Virtual Modelling methodology, allows simulations of inter-related parameters, such as cost, scale, complexity, quality, speed and so on, to find answers to complex "what-if" questions to guide decisions. The strategic and tactical recommendations offered to clients are agnostic, independent and supported by facts, metrics and market comparisons. Underpinning the rigorous methodology is a regularly enriched Data Repository of granular IT metrics, refreshed through their regular engagements with enterprises, and with top tier global IT services providers.

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Leading with the core of Metrics Driven Optimization (IT Benchmarking), ImprovIT enables its clients to define, drive and measure strategic business technology initiatives, spanning the areas of Governance, Optimization, Alignment, Compliance, Transformation (G-O-A-C-T).

IT Benchmarking provides the vantage point to define several transformation programmes and priorities.


The ImprovIT team brings together specialist experience from measurement, benchmarking, strategic technology consultanting and management consultanting, all honed in premier enterprise environments and global service provider corporates.

Over the years, ImprovIT have delivered incisive and demanding enagagments to suport their clients across several industry verticals, both from within the private sector and the public sector, as also the biggest technology services providers.


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