How to drive IT value conversations using data you already have

How to drive IT value conversations using data you already have

IT Transparency Subscription Service

In a 2022 survey of IT leaders*, 74% reported that improving their use of data and analytics was ‘extremely important’ to them and topped their priority list along with cybersecurity (80%) and reducing costs (72%). Does that resonate with your priority list?

If it does, then the good news is that you already have all the data you need to have full visibility of your costs, productivity, service quality and more. You just need a tried and tested taxonomy and way of organising that information, so you can concentrate on using the learnings to achieve your business objectives. We’ve seen time and again that as soon as CIOs and CTOs can demonstrate the business value of their operation, they can secure the credibility and funding that they need to deliver transformative IT.

At ImprovIT we’ve become known for our IT benchmarking services (which can help with the reducing costs headline above) and have been told that we don’t speak enough about the other work we do. In fact, we’ve been quietly helping our clients for years to harness the power of their data to unlock cost savings and transformative insights into their business metrics, all for a subscription cost that’s likely to pay for itself in the first year.

One of our clients, a major manufacturing business, had a particularly complex need. They were grappling with 15+ independent countries with very different business processes and financial and IT systems. When we began working with them, they had no real idea of how much IT was costing them globally and where to start with transformation and consolidation. 

They found that not only did the service provide the IT cost transparency they needed, but it also showed the delivery of transformation activity over time, which was a real game-changer for their IT strategy.

Being IT benchmarking specialists also means that we can include the supply of “like to like” comparative data to inform you on an ongoing basis how you’re performing against your peers, by industry, scale and complexity etc. 

What data do you need to get started?

Some of the IT leaders we speak to are keen to have a holistic view of IT, and want to prove its value to the business, but are initially concerned that they won’t have the data or the internal resources that they need to make it happen. Starting with actual Finance data makes the process easier to get off the ground and enables other elements such as Service quality and performance data to be added later from other existing sources. 

Our people are adept at working with diverse teams, data and structures, so will fill any resource and knowledge gaps seamlessly. And the subscription-based service means we are with you throughout the process and support is readily on hand.

What’s the best time to start this analysis?

At the risk of sounding like a self-help book; it’s now! The beauty of an ongoing analysis is that the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start getting insights that you can act on: whether that’s exposing areas of the budget that aren’t being used effectively, or service levels that aren’t yet up to scratch. The data changes month on month, so to be truly agile, you need to be analysing that data month on month to make the changes you need to optimise your IT operation.

42% of those same survey respondents also reported that they believe business investment decisions are made with inconsistent transparency*, so it’s essential that you have all the facts at your fingertips to make the best strategic IT decisions.

How do I start?

To find out more, and to see a product demonstration, take a look at our IT Transparency page. Or tick this off your to-do list today by sending me an email at or calling 01494 958 390 to start a transformational conversation.


ImprovIT are an independent business and technology consultancy. We were founded by former colleagues of Gartner, IBM and HP to help senior IT leaders make the critical decisions that will maximise their technology investments. We’re completely independent and impartial specialists in the use of IT Measurement, Modelling and Benchmarking.
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