Outsourced IT Services Delivering Value for Money for Police Force?

The Requirement:

Devon and Cornwall Police (DCP), which covers the largest geographical police area in England, required a series of 3 annual Market Tests to determine if their IT Services, delivered by BT, provide ‘Value for Money’ (VFM) in terms of charges and service quality.

Our Approach:

ImprovIT defines that VFM is achieved where the charge for the IT services in scope is equal to or below the peer group; and service quality is equal to or higher than the same peers.

We undertook a review of five key service areas (workstation, which changed to service desk in the final year, email, virtual machines, storage and day rates for core development). This analysis reviewed scope, prices and quality of the services provided, taking into account key factors of service complexity and quality.

The Market Test approach is a shorter version of a traditional VFM benchmark, saving time and money, but still providing an accurate result. ImprovIT utilised its ‘Metrics Driven Analysis’ (MDA) methodology, enabling a granular and holistic view of the services, performance and prices in order to execute the study, which was completed in less than four weeks.

The Outcome:

The results of the market test showed that the overall price and quality of BT’s services compared favourably to its peers. VFM has been consistently achieved for all key services.

Email was the single exception, though the quality issues are already being addressed which should close this gap.

While the VFM confirmation was certainly encouraging, the study also highlighted opportunities for optimisation and service improvement.

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