Telecoms services have rapidly become one of the life-bloods of modern commerce and are frequently seen as an essential, rapidly changing and complex part of our lives. Telecoms organisations are uniquely placed as both a major consumer and supplier of IT services.  As such, the correct service delivery options have a critical and far reaching impact.

It is therefore essential that Telecoms companies receive high standards of delivery and efficiency.  In addition there is more pressure to rapidly design and articulate competitive and profitable offerings to their end customers.  ImprovIT have strong service design, architectural skills and transition/transformation experience, thus allowing many aspects to be checked and compared against best practices in the market today.

“I only have positive feedback; ImprovIT couldn’t have improved in any way and were very professional”

Telecoms, Business Director

As competition in the Telecoms market continues, the principle low risk route to growth and new revenue continues to be mergers and acquisition.  ImprovIT supplies critical services for performing “due diligence” against contracts, sourcing strategies and operational best practice for industry, region and size.  Additionally, ImprovIT offers procurement programme definition and guidance to this sector, encompassing current best practice, bolstered by strong project support.

ImprovIT uses metrics driven analysis to help Telecoms organisations clarify the criterion that drives their technology decisions, including key metrics for determining whether to out-source, in-source or multi-source. In addition, ImprovIT can identify the most appropriate and objective key performance indicators (KPIs), assess value of project delivery and best practice design and cost saving measures for executives.  ImprovIT identifies opportunities for real cost reduction whilst maintaining delivery and operational excellence.  This allows Telecoms organisations to better exploit their position and improve the ability to deliver competitive pricing with minimal impact on account revenue or profitability.

“As a team, we were really impressed with the professionalism and patience from ImprovIT, it was really nice to work with them”

Telecoms, Director

ImprovIT offers Telecoms companies an objective and credible means to:

  • Determine if “value for money” and “right pricing” for services, is being delivered
  • Provide IT Benchmarking of current or future IT Services
  • Identify cost savings from infrastructure & applications
  • Support and analyse existing contracts and bid responses
  • Define and review Service and Product Catalogue design,
  • Identify and define objective smart KPIs for ongoing service quality monitoring