Retail is a highly diverse sector including traditional Bricks and Mortar selling as well as online trading. It is a rapidly changing environment with especially high levels of competition and increasing levels of local and international government regulation. In addition, more than ever before, consumers expectations are high in terms of service, integrated products, social behaviour and ethics.

Information Technology is increasingly perceived as the best means of addressing new customer expectations, supply chain challenges and reducing time to market and integrating Bricks and Mortar installations with online offerings. It is essential to manage IT infrastructure and applications whilst making the most cost effective decisions.

Executives in the Retail sector are called upon to:

  • Offer and support diverse routes to market, via varied interfaces (Face to Face, Online and Mobile)
  • Integrate different delivery channels
  • Shorten the supply chain, reduce time to market and minimise inventory
  • Improve the ability to analyse, understand, and respond to trends (the ability to understand data)
  • Reduce over reliance on embedded legacy systems that deliver core services to the business

“The project went really well and the results and recommendations have given us a whole program of work to complete, which is a very positive thing”

Retail, Regional IS Director

As innovation increases, reliance on new IT and the extension into non-traditional retail environments, executives require improved methods to understand the impact of technology change whilst maintaining and even improving the quality of services.

ImprovIT offers the Retail industry, a range of fact driven business IT services including assessments to help in the selection of IT service delivery options, identify the capabilities and maturity of existing IT infrastructure and optimising application and service development as well as evaluation project delivery. ImprovIT focuses on ensuring that Retail executives are armed with objective proven facts to underpin Retail IT decision making.

ImprovIT offers executive a credible and objective means to:

  • Evaluate the IT capability to deliver against new and existing business projects
  • Provide IT Benchmarking of current or future IT Services
  • Maximise the value of existing IT infrastructure and applications
  • Examine and manage operational/back office and the IT infrastructure to support the POS network.
  • Reduced costs related to selection of technologies and partners
  • Optimise the application and service development environment
  • Demonstrate the efficiency of IT service delivery
  • Evaluate and examine IT service delivery channel options