Metrics Based IT Review

Metrics Driven Optimisation

ImprovIT developed it’s own methodology for conducting a metrics based IT review, called Metrics Driven Optimisation, which consists of IT Measurement, IT Modelling and IT Benchmarking of technology services. It’s a complex discipline which involves a high degree of rigour in the compilation, separation, classification and validation of a range of cost data, as also the several driving parameters around it.

This practice does often get confused with commodity-level cost data sharing within industry groups, often supplemented by secondary researched or survey data. Due to lack of data validation, appropriate peer group selection, tailored recommendations, just to name a few factors, these methods cannot offer the same level of benefits as a thoroughly carried out IT review.

IT Review – fast response to changing world

The role IT plays within organisations morphs and tweaks to match constantly changing business objectives and technology advancements. In this dynamic environment it’s critical for executives to fully understand the capabilities and potential of their IT investments and people. The aim of a metrics based IT review (Metrics Driven Optimisation as we like to call it) is to optimise service delivery and be fully prepared for an agile response to the next twist in service demand.

Many organisations are implementing best practice frameworks as a way to achieve the necessary agility. As IT evolves from rigid technology deployment, into flexible service oriented offerings, the rigour involved in design, implementation  and delivering the expected experience, becomes very critical.

Benefits derived from on an IT review

Independent metrics based IT reviews / analysis, including peer-benchmarking of IT service costs and performance, have led to cost savings and performance improvements for our clients. These were in addition to balanced KPI dashboards for ongoing management, insights informing high-impact transformation initiatives, all underpinned by our rigorous methodology and regularly enriched metrics database.