Manufacturing has seen many changes over recent years – profitability, margins, sizing, locations to name but a few.  Some countries and continents have increased their presence while others have had their manufacturing sector decrease dramatically.  No matter the pressures – either way – manufacturing industries typically require tight controls over volume operations to support the low margins experienced in that sector.

It is therefore essential that manufacturing companies receive high standards of delivery and infrastructure efficiency.  ImprovIT determines best price or cost for services being delivered by comparing them to their competitors in the market.  Often other industry sectors can be in the comparison in order to bring another dimension to the analysis – whether manufacturing or not.

Manufacturing still sees strong merger and acquisition activity on a global scale and to support this, ImprovIT supplies critical services for performing “due diligence” against contracts, sourcing strategies, modelling staffing and service levels, as well as operational best practice for industry, region and size.  Managing ‘change’ is massively important in this industry to protect the operational services and effectiveness of their systems – failure is no option as that could be very costly to the enterprise and can cause considerable and expensive recovery time.

“Overall I am very pleased with the project and will be using the recommendations to improve our IT”

Manufacturer, Regional IS Director

Those manufacturing companies who see IT as a necessity rather than an enabler can benefit from ImprovIT’s domain knowledge and experience, making sure efficiency trends and technologies are brought forward for appropriate consideration.

Operational efficiency in the IT systems is a critical success factor in manufacturing.  Servers, desktop, applications, networks and service desks all have to be running at optimum efficiency and cost so ImprovIT uses metrics driven analysis to help manufacturing organisations clarify the criterion that drives their sourcing decisions, including key metrics for determining whether to out-source, in-source or multi-source.  In addition, ImprovIT can identify the most appropriate objective key performance indicators, as well as best practice and cost saving measures for service operations managers.  ImprovIT identifies opportunities for real cost reduction whilst maintaining delivery and operational excellence.  This allows organisations to better exploit their position and improve their ability to deliver competitive customer pricing with minimal impact on account revenue or profitability.

ImprovIT offers manufacturing companies an objective and credible means of:

  • Determining if “value for money” and “right pricing” for services, is being delivered
  • Provide IT Benchmarking of current or future IT Services
  • Identifying cost savings from infrastructure and process changes
  • Ascertaining best option on out, in or multi-sourcing
  • Supplier contract reviews and assessments
  • Service Catalogue definition and review
  • Due diligence support
  • Identifying and defining objective SMART KPIs for ongoing contracts