IT Programme Assurance

IT programmes can be notoriously difficult to manage successfully. Whether it’s a migration of services from one service provider to another, or a major technology upgrade, most of our clients embark on major IT programmes infrequently. We see such programmes many times per year. In our role of Trusted Advisor we are able to bring external assurance and oversight services to ensure that you maximise the chances of programme success. Our insight, backed by current market intelligence and robust governance frameworks, will provide you with a wealth of experience that’s on your side and working for your success.

Programme Assurance is essentially a systematic approach designed to quantify the likelihood of success for a given programme. Our approach is based on a robust methodology that we tailor to each client and programme. We start by identifying the required control functions for your projects; these control functions are the elements you need to have in place for a successful outcome. There are many control function areas, and they include areas such as risk management; skills availability; project management capability; funding and benefits realisation. Through a rigorous process of interview, inspection and assessment, we deliver an impartial and quantified baseline of the current programme status.

By adopting the role of “critical friend” we aim to work alongside our clients offering both formal and real-time feedback on programme execution, thereby providing the earliest possible warning of potential risks that may be upcoming and offering advice on how such risks may be mitigated and controlled. In this way we help out clients catch risks early, address them and ensure the programme remains on the desired trajectory and delivers the planned results.

This process normally continues through-out the life-cycle of the programme, so that a regular ongoing review takes place. The “critical friend” can review as frequently as required but always to ensure the programme stays on track and any risks or potential issues are flagged early.

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