Cost Management

Are cost controls driving your IT strategy?

In the current climate, how do you effectively manage your IT strategy and cost?

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Why Benchmark IT?

An IT Benchmark is a crucial management tool. It ranks first in EMEA and a second globally in a list of management disciplines. It is no surprise that more business and technology leaders seek to dispassionately baseline the present IT state

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4 Pillars of Digital NHS

In many ways, the National Health Service (NHS) is a victim of its own success. Founded almost seventy years ago, many of the diseases that would have killed us then have been cured, and as a result our population has a higher proportion of older people than ever before.

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Le contrôle des coûts

Le contrôle des coûts est-il le moteur de votre stratégie informatique ?

Dans le contexte actuel, comment gérer efficacement votre stratégie et vos coûts informatiques ?

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