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Financial Services Summary

Financial services suffered in the wake of the last crisis but are now squarely into another tough period of multi-level regulation, cost reductions, drive for increased efficiencies and threats from new world fintechs without even mentioning the impact of the pandemic. Additionally, the pressure on improving customer engagement and driving new revenues in the digital world is forcing new technology investments and agility as never before. IT needs to do more with less, while becoming a crucial enabler in core business processes.

IT Challenges

The challenge for executives is to ensure that IT meets all the above criteria whilst minimising costs, disruption to proven practices and processes and, where possible, improving the current service. There is also the impact of emerging technologies and new ways of delivering solutions to consider how and when to introduce them; how to get an edge on the competition as customer retention and revenue growth is key to improving business outlook.

Many financial businesses have some or all of their IT outsourced. The challenge is to ensure that value for money is being delivered throughout the life of the outsourcing contracts and in project delivery. Also, it is critical to challenge the service delivery model, given the demands of digital technologies, the skills and the speed required to succeed.

ImprovIT’s services are business focused and help review suitable IT delivery options, designs and implementation methods. IT benchmarking helps base-line the current services and performance, irrespective of how they are delivered, and assist in optimising service delivery performance by focusing on areas of weakness that are highlighted by the metrics.

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