Digital Foundations

The importance of a digital foundations has never been greater than in the present wave of digital transformation, which is all about building new technology enabled business models, processes and solutions, aimed at driving significant improvements in outcomes, engagement and operations.

Digitalisation is forcing a rethink of business architecture, creating new players and even changing industry structures. It is an opportunity and a threat. It is the next stage of business transformation utilising the pervasive digital toolbox of cloud delivery, smart devices, ubiquitous connectivity, social media, sensor feeds and analytics.

This technology driven transformation is putting IT under new pressure. A pressure to innovate, develop and deliver solutions faster than ever before, while “keeping the lights on” efficiently. IT needs to find improvement and savings in Operating Expense (Opex), resources, skills, time and focus, while delivering sustained value to the business. Put another way, IT has challenges of business as usual, coupled with the need to be proactive in engaging with the business, to be agile in building new solutions, opportunities, efficiencies and value.

Digital transformation is way more than a technology improvement program. It has business goals and key success factors include consistent executive focus, new technology skills, suitable structures, business alignment, management processes, rapid speed of delivery (or failure), and of course – funding.

Analysis of organisation digital capabilities coupled with an independent assessment of the digital foundations – in terms of efficiency, performance and robustness – are necessary tools to determine the pragmatic path of IT renovation. However building a viable and adequately funded digital capability needs to be underpinned by a robust, optimised and well-functioning foundation of “business as usual” IT operations.

ImprovIT provide tailored advisory services – to help business leaders achieve optimisation of the digital foundation whilst supporting the transformational digital agenda. In addition, ImprovIT provide independent assessments of digital capabilities and recommended future road-maps.