Budgeting for a Digital Transformation

In the early stages of digital transformation it is particularly daunting to identify clear budgets which can deliver on the digital innovation initiatives. There are constraints of the traditional IT budgeting model which can prove challenging if the organisation is not conscious of the pitfalls. Here is a list of issues and considerations when seeking […]

Starting the Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Basics As with any meaningful transformation, it is a business approach to faster and better results, not a technology improvement program. Several factors are impacting success, such as leadership focus, technology skills, structures, collaboration, management processes, speed of delivery (or failure), and – critically – funding. Optimising the digital foundations is a crucial underpinning […]

Building a Digital Strategy

It is recommended that all business and technology executives engage with some urgency on the subject of evolving the organisation’s digital business strategy and digital transformation plans. The value of these discussions can be greatly enhanced with the participation of independent advisors, who may be helpful in challenging the present status and exploring creative solutions. […]

Role of IT in the Achievement of NHS Business Goals

Introduction NHS England is the independent body, established in the autumn of 2012, to play a key role in delivering the vision of modernising our health service. The primary goal is to secure the best possible healthcare outcomes for patients, by prioritising them in every decision it makes. The NHS England Business Plan for 2017-2019 […]

Metrics-Driven Analysis, Modelling and Benchmarking of IT

NHS IT budgets are under continuing pressure Where to cut back while minimising business impact? What services can be delivered with reduced budgets? At what service levels? How can metrics analysis and virtual modelling help? The “Scalpel” Approach to IT Optimisation and Transformation A modelling Methodology Rooted in Facts to Support Decision Making NHS IT […]

Stick or Twist? The IT Contract Renewal Dilemma

Picture this… You’re sat at your desk, the paperwork is piling high, the phone is ringing off the hook and you’re trying to get through the 500 unopened emails in your inbox. Sound familiar? You flag the important emails to action later, you’re deleting all the irrelevant ones, and the “we can make you £5m […]

Digital NHS: Ensure Best Value Clinical Systems (PACS/EPR)

Digital advances in medical technology help save countless lives each year, yet it is estimated that they can add over £10bn/year to already overstretched NHS budgets. The NHS needs to balance cost reductions against maintaining existing front-line services and the ever-increasing demand for improved services. With digital healthcare delivering undeniable patient benefits, denying projects and investments is no longer […]

Getting it Right – IT Outsourcing

  You have made the decision to outsource your IT services, it’s an immense task and your business is underpinned by IT, so it is vital that you get it right. As well as finding the ideal supplier, that offers the correct solution, there are many things that you need to do to ensure your […]