The 7 Rules of Successful IT Outsourcing

Published in Computerworld UK How can CIOs protect themselves from the risks associated with IT outsourcing There is one thing about a honeymoon period that is universally true: it never lasts forever. So it is with IT outsourcing. No matter… Read More »

Selecting an IT Benchmarking Consultancy

Having previously argued on the merits of engaging an independent specialist consultancy for your IT services benchmarking, now the question that needs addressing is what are the main aspects to consider when identifying the most suitable consultancy? Below is a… Read More »

Why Use a Specialist IT Benchmarking Consultancy?

As business technology has become more complex and pervasive and is tied closer than ever to business strategy and success, the measurement and benchmarking of enterprise IT services has evolved into a specialist forensic discipline. It allows for comparisons across… Read More »

New Wave of Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation Digital transformation is the building of new technology-enabled business models and solutions, to improve business results, enhance customer engagement, to drive operational excellence. Digitalisation is forcing a rethink of business architecture, creating new players and even… Read More »

How is Digitalisation Achieved?

Not all businesses are born in the cloud. So if you do not identify with the likes of Uber, Netflix, Facebook or Amazon, you are in the majority. But all businesses are technology enabled, and in present times unable to… Read More »

Digital Challenges to IT Operational Structure

IT and its partners are under pressure to innovate, develop and deliver solutions faster than ever before, while “keeping the lights on” efficiently. At the same time IT needs to find investible savings in opex, resources, skills, time and focus,… Read More »

Budgeting for a Digital Transformation

In the early stages of digital transformation it is particularly daunting to identify clear budgets which can deliver on the digital innovation initiatives. There are constraints of the traditional IT budgeting model which can prove challenging if the organisation is… Read More »

Starting the Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Basics As with any meaningful transformation, it is a business approach to faster and better results, not a technology improvement program. Several factors are impacting success, such as leadership focus, technology skills, structures, collaboration, management processes, speed of delivery… Read More »

Building a Digital Strategy

It is recommended that all business and technology executives engage with some urgency on the subject of evolving the organisation’s digital business strategy and digital transformation plans. The value of these discussions can be greatly enhanced with the participation of… Read More »