4 Pillars of Digital NHS

In many ways, the National Health Service (NHS) is a victim of its own success. Founded almost seventy years ago, many of the diseases that would have killed us then have been cured, and as a result our population has a higher proportion of older people than ever before. The healthcare needs of this growing […]

Metrics-Driven Analysis, Modelling and Benchmarking of IT

NHS IT budgets are under continuing pressure Where to cut back while minimising business impact? What services can be delivered with reduced budgets? At what service levels? How can metrics analysis and virtual modelling help? The “Scalpel” Approach to IT Optimisation and Transformation A modelling Methodology Rooted in Facts to Support Decision Making NHS IT […]

Digital NHS: Ensure Best Value Clinical Systems (PACS/EPR)

Digital advances in medical technology help save countless lives each year, yet it is estimated that they can add over £10bn/year to already overstretched NHS budgets. The NHS needs to balance cost reductions against maintaining existing front-line services and the ever-increasing demand for improved services. With digital healthcare delivering undeniable patient benefits, denying projects and investments is no longer […]