Benchmarking provides the vantage point to define several transformation programmes and priorities.

The mission is to support your journey through Measure-Manage-Monetize axiom.

ImprovIT's Services Portfolio is geared to help enterprises define and drive several downstream programmes. The initiatives that ImprovIT advise and assist with include, business technology alignment, IT strategy development, optimized models for service delivery, rationalized technology infrastructure, application portfolio rationalization, improved process deployment, optimized procurement costs, and so on.

ImprovIT provide expert assessments, advice and critique, to support the planning, effective management and delivery of these downstream programmes and initiatives.

ImprovIT's services portfolio supports this process:services


Metrics Driven Optimization

Business Technology Alignment

Business Advisory

Operational Excellence

Programme & Portfolio Management


How, where and who delivers IT services is one of the most important decisions an executive can make. IT frequently demands a sizable proportion of any business budget and has the potential to reach every aspect of the organisation. It is critical that an IT strategy is developed that supports the current and future business needs. It is essential that this strategy is cost effective in meeting the business needs and must also have all key stakeholders involvement and buy-in to the process and its outcomes.

As IT evolves from rigid technology deployment into flexible service oriented offerings, the rigour involved in designing how those services are implemented and experienced is critical. It is essential that these investment decisions are carefully aligned with existing and planned IT strategy to ensure a successful implementation.

Technology is constantly changing and with it the role it plays within organisations. To maximise optimal deployments and prepare for the next change in service demand, it is critical that executives fully understanding the capabilities and potential of their IT investments. ImprovIT has significant experience helping clients implement and support best practice frameworks such as ITIL, CMMI and COBIT.

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