All financial institutions suffered in the wake of the banking crisis but are slowly getting back on track through cost reductions and increased efficiencies from all aspects of their businesses. Additionally, some businesses are increasing their mobile offerings as well as enhancing web based services to broaden appeal, increase market share and rapidly re-coup previous losses. IT is a crucial enabler in these processes, though many have been reducing the number of new projects and looking to manage on-going costs more effectively.

Additionally, the demands of regulation, the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Basel II and fraud prevention all require that IT is robust, flexible to change, auditable and optimised for the operational needs.

The challenge for executives is to ensure that IT meets all the above criteria whilst minimising costs, disruption to proven practices and processes and, where possible, improving the current service. There is also the impact of emerging technologies and new ways of delivering solutions to consider how and when to introduce them; how to get an edge on the competition as customer retention/growth is key to improving business outlook. To meet these demands there has been a willingness to adopt a "spend to save" strategy.

Many financial businesses have some or all of their IT out-sourced. The challenge is to know whether value for money is being delivered throughout the life-term of a contract. Also, is an outsourced delivered service still the appropriate model for the business?

ImprovIT's services are business focused and will help review suitable IT delivery options, designs and implementation methods. ImprovIT can help base-line current services and performance, irrespective of how they are delivered, and assist in optimising service delivery within the current cost constraints.

ImprovIT's wide variety of services:

• Provide understanding of IT's current capability and future delivery options 

• Provide IT Benchmarking of current or future IT Services

• Maximise the value of the existing IT infrastructure & applications

• Help support business cases when deciding on technologies and partners

• Optimise the application and service development environment

• Demonstrate the value for money of existing services and contracts

• Improved agility and flexibility by use of key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and industry comparisons

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